Review: Sobees for iPad

Getting back into my blog grind after recent techno chaos of the iPad acquisition and the Hero upgrade debacle, I thought I’d do some app reviewing. Since I am typing this blog on my iPad, I though it apropos to review an app for it.

I’ve been a Facebook user almost from it’s inception. Thus I’ve been through all of it’s growing pains and changes. Which, if you’ve been a Facebook user for longer than a year, you know is a LOT of changes. I’ve pretty much done everything thing there is to do on FB, that there is to do. As a matter of fact, until recently, it had began to become a little stale. I say until recently a I have found an app which has given [at least for the moment] Facebook new life, or renewed my interest in it anyway.

I’m talking about Sobees. It’s an app which once connected with you FB account, aggregates all of the information, and presents it in the framework of a newspaper! Did I get your attention? I know it sounds wacky, and I admit I was super skeptical at first, but I was quickly won over.

Now is isn’t going to replace a “standard” Facebook app for most people, as the full functionality isn’t quite there. But if you just want to check out what happening on your “wall”, or want to see the latest links posted, or check out your friends photos, or comment on someones update; then you definitely need to check out this app!

As I mentioned earlier, everything is presented in a familiar newspaper-like format. Meaning there are sections and columns. Everything is arranged to be easily accessed. Even videos are played right on the page, no dropping out to a separate player. This is one of those apps designed specifically for the iPad. Takes full advantage of the spacious screen and looks great.

I can’t think of any real gripes with it, other than the same ones that all Facebook apps have, no ability to create messages or otherwise manipulate your Facebook inbox. I use it daily. As a matter of fact, the only time I use the Facebook app (the iPhone version), is when I need to send a message. Until they actually develop an app specifically for the iPad, Sobees will most likely continue to be my FB app of choice.