Musical ..uh..chairs?

Ok here’s my quandary.  You know I’m a gadget freak. (duh) What you may not have known is I am also a bit of an audiophile. I love music.  Nearly all music.  I listen to everything from Opera standards to Hip Hop to World Music to Country to Tejano.  My faves are Smooth Jazz, 60s-70s rock, Old School RnB, Ambient, and Old School Hip Hop (back before it went to hell). As such I have a wide variety of music in digital form.  Dont see the problem yet?  Read on…

My issue is that I have too many options when it comes to portable devices.  My PSP(Playstation Portable), my iPod Touch, and my HTC Hero all play music and they all do it well.  I really need to settle on one.  I guess realistically I can eliminate the PSP right up front.  Although it plays music excellently (videos too), I dont use it nearly as much anymore.  Every since I purchased the Ipod Touch I rarely play games on it. Usually now it only gets any attention if one of my nephews drop by.  Otherwise it sits on the side table in the living room.  I used to use it for quick trips to the Net, but the Touch has stolen that job as well.

The real competition is between my Touch and my Hero.  They both mimic each others functions so well.  This is my comparison:

Scale 1 – 5, 1 being POOR, 5 being EXCELLENT

iPod Touch                        Hero

Music –                       5                                               4

Video –                       5                                               4

You really cant beat the iPod for playing music.  There are apps on Android that I really like (Tunewiki, Rock On) but I have to be honest in saying so far nobody does it like the iPod.  I have to also give the nod to the Touch for video playback.  Video looks nice on my Hero, but not as smooth and clear as on my Touch.

iPod Touch                        Hero

Games –                     5                                                3

Apple games so far are more polished, more variety, and more fun.  I say “so far”.

iPod Touch                        Hero

Apps –                        5                                                4

See above comment.  Same applies for apps.

iPod Touch                        Hero

Net –                           3 (no flash)                          4

This is where the Hero shines.  With the lots of options for web browsing (I prefer Dolphin), combined with multi-tasking OS, the Hero out paces the Touch on the Net.  The 3G option where I dont have wifi is nice too lol.

iPod Touch                        Hero

Phone –                     n/a                                          4

Battery Life –         4                                                2

This is the my main complaint with my Hero.  Battery life.  I’m charging sometimes twice a day.  Thats along with charging every night.  Yes I am a non-typically heavy user but still I should at least be able to make it through an 8 hour work day with out having to whip out  the car charger.  I can play with my Touch for hours and hours.  Including Net surfing, games, and music streaming (Pandora, iHeart Radio).

I want to get  down to only carrying one device.  I guess though, until Hero improves its battery life, and Android Apps Store catches up to Apple App store, I will have a foot in both worlds.  Hopefully the 2.1 update will take care of that and I can just carry my Hero!  Well until I get my mini HD cam corder.  Now that would be a device!  Phone, Android OS, HD camera/cam corder, FM radio.  One can only dream.  I think its time for some Smooth Jazz.  Ciao!