It’s so…. EVOcative!

So I finally upgraded! I know, I know you’re probably saying “about friggin time!” and you’re right. I probably took the longest time I ever have to decide on a new phone. As you may know from my previous post [Its a Quandry it is – 8/31/2010], I was twisted over my top choices: the HTC EVO or the Samsung Epic. Both are top notch, feature packed phones. Both get high marks from the pundits. Both are priced decently. So which did I choose? Well if you couldn’t tell from my ever so witty title (you know you smiled when you read it lol), I picked the iPhone slayer (yeah i said it) known as the HTC EVO.

Let me tell you why. The EVO just had more features and arguably more tech for the buck than the Epic. The EVO comes with 16gb internal and an 8gb card. It has better cameras, BOTH of them. It looks sharper. The Epic looks like a larger Moment. The EVO hotspot can support 8 devices. Not the Epic. I mean I don’t plan on ever connecting that many, but if for the same money, I can… Why not? Finally, I really like HTC Sense. I know there are a lot of you out there who swear by the “pure” android experience, but I love Sense. It just makes Android flow smoother. Oh and the EVO was $50 cheaper than the Epic. I just couldn’t justify paying that much more for a phone that was less tech wise, and was a slider. I don’t need a physical keyboard and every slider ive ever had eventually developed issues with the slide mechanism. Even with the awesome screen on the Epic (which I have to admit is freaking amazing!), it wasn’t enough to swing me away from the EVO. Did I mention the kickstand? My phone has a kickstand like my old Schwinn did! How cool is that?

So ive had the EVO for about a week. First impressions have been pretty much as expected. The only slight disappointment has been the battery life. Now having been around Android phones since the beginning I knew not to expect stellar usage times. And I’m the type of person that keeps my phone on charge when ever I’m in the car. Still it barely makes it through the day with moderate use. The good news is that is so far the ONLY negative I have found with this phone! Its way fast compared to my retired HTC Hero. even on 3G it’s much faster than the Hero. Next to my friends iPhone 4, web pages seemed to start to load faster on the EVO, but finished loading about the same time. Haven’t tested it on 4g yet as it’s not in my area yet (what’s up with that Sprint?). The cam is very responsive and takes great pics. Love the improvements of v2.2. Live wallpapers is neat for about the first day or so, till you realize it’s a battery killer lol

I am very happy with the upgrade and would recommend the EVO to anyone wanting the latest in Android. Don’t get me wrong, the Samsung is also an awesome phone, if you want a physical keyboard and a crazy clear screen. That’s the beauty of choice right?


Ps. Oh yeah, I made the “iPhone slayer” comment just to rile some of you up lol if you’ve been reading my posts, you know my stance on any one phone being the “best” phone out there 😉



Whew, its been a few days!  Betcha thought I’d given up on the blog didn’t you?  Nope.  Just been involved in some other time and resource consuming activities for a bit.  Oh ye of little faith LOL  The blog shall endure…

I call this post “Anticipation” because that is what I’m experiencing right now.  On a couple of fronts.  First of all and probably foremost, is I am STILL awaiting the foretold OS upgrade promised for my phone.  Most of all the other models have received upgrades.  As of the posting of this, I believe most of the handsets running 1.6 or better have been upgraded to 2.1 (some are still at 2.0, which is still a darn sight better than 1.5).  It’s a waiting game.  First it was vaguely promised “some time” in 1Q of 2010.  Then its was March 26th.  Now its 2Q.  Yes, its frustrating.  I’m trying to practice what I preach and be patient but MAN, it’s getting old.

Speaking of practicing what I preach, I may have to make a retraction from a previous post.   On March 30th, I posted “iPads not the pad for me!” stating how unimpressed with the iPad I was/wasn’t.  In retrospect, that opinion was made in haste, and overly biased due to my irritation with the hordes of instant iPad fan boys/girls that were flooding the forums with their cult-ish rhetoric.  I have since had ample time to experience the iPad in a more relaxed, and analytical fashion, leading me to form an entirely new opinion of the product.

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I love the iPad!  Now before you start flinging flaming arrows of hate at me, let me clarify.  Everything I previously said about the limitations of the iPad still apply.  For now.  Allegedly, the iPad, iPhone 3Gs, and later models of the iPod Touch, will all get multitasking, and a host of other abilities with the next OS upgrade.

My point is, it dosent matter.  Because what the iPad does do, it does superbly!  It’s the perfect size for taking to the coffee shop or library when you just want to do some email, or tweeting, or reading.  The battery life is great.  The screen is awesome.  Fits my needs to a tee.  No more lugging around the laptop.  So yes, I plan of purchasing one.  Not real soon but within the next couple months.  I’m using that time to see just what everybody else is bring to the “pad” arena.  What I am hoping is that someone will step up to the plate and produce an Android based tablet that will make me say phooey to Apple.  Haven’t seen that yet.  There are a few decent ones out there right now, but they are not up to snuff against the iPad.

SO in a nutshell, NO i have not become an Apple fan boy. YES I am still an ardent supporter of the Android platform.  YES, if no one else wows me, I will be purchasing an iPad.  That is all.


Update… and stuff

Well I’ve moved.  I am now dwelling just north of Detroit, in between Harper Woods and East Pointe.  Im excited about the relocate as it puts me within arms reach of a myriad options.  It took me a few days to get internet at the house.  I attempted to do some blogging at the local Tim Hortons but it was too distracting.  LOL.

So I’m all settled in, time to get back to normal and get back on track with the blog.  Did you miss me?

I havent done all that much with my Hero over the past week or so due to the move.  I did end up giving Dolphin another try.  I totally uninstalled it, and then installed the new version.  Which in retrospect is probably what I should have done anyway.  The previous version actually said to follow those steps, but this time I didnt see that instruction so I just d/l and installed it.  Live and learn right?

I have also been playing with FourSquare.  For those that dont know, its a pretty interesting little app that lets you “check in” at different locations and broadcast that info to your friends via Twitter and other methods.  It’s kind of fun as you accumulate points for checking in, for hitting multiple spots in one outing, for hitting spots multiple times etc.  If you have a bunch of social friends that all use FourSquare, I could see this being a lot more appealing.  Right now for me its just yet another social app that I have to update.  I’ll keep my eyes on this app and see how it evolves.

So Apple is suing HTC.  You know I’ve been an Apple fan since almost day one.  Long before the iPhone.  I love Macs.  So when I heard this I was disappointed.  Not surprised, but disappointed.  This almost seems like a panic move.  Which dosent make sense.  Apple has the market share.  It will be awhile before that changes.  Plus they need to realize that people who buy the iPhone are not necessarily the same people who like Android.  There are still enough differences between the phones to be 2 different (almost) demographics.  Apple needs to just continue doing what it does best.  Innovate and produce top level product.  Don’t play the bully Apple.  It dosent become you.


You’re Killing My Buzz…

I’m confused.  I dont claim to be a marketing guru, or to have expertise in product launching,but if I were a company who recently made a MAJOR play into the communications arena; and had several manufacturers phones running several different versions of MY OS; I would definitely make sure that the product being launched WORKED with my branded phones!!

Ok *whew* that was a bit of a rant, but you get the idea yes?  I’m a bit peeved.  Google launched Buzz in full knowledge that it would NOT work with at least 31% (phones running Android 1.5) of phones running Android.  That includes my Hero.  For another 47% or so (running v1.6) Buzz only works in Google Maps 4.0.  The only Android phones that can fully experience all of Buzz’s capabilities are running 2.0/2.1, which are basically only the Motorola Droid and the Nexus One.  Period.

But guess what?  The iPhone is 100% fully and spectacularly supported!  Is that a kick in the head or what?  Now in Googles defense, I’m sure it tons easier to write compatibility for the iPhone as the OS is rock solid and theres only one version of it.  Google should have waited for the release until it at least had the majority of its OS phones compatible.  True, the Buzz demographic is much larger than the current Android base, but since Android is the new marketing focal point for them, one would think they would want to cross market.

But thats just me… Ciao!

Android Love

Ok I stole that title from an awesome blog that I just discovered (check her out here 🙂

Thought I might kick off the blog with a post about my current passion, my Android phone!

Whats an Android phone you ask?  Well probably not but I’ll tell you anyway LOL  It’s a smartphone running the Android OS (operating system) by Google.  Android OS is a true multitasking OS (joining Windows Mobile, WebOS, Blackberry).  This is the main separation between Android phones and the IPhone.  The IPhone is so far really just an application launcher rather than a true OS.  Not that I’m knocking the IPhone; physically is is arguably the best built touch screen phone on the market.  And so far, Apple has the best Apps Store and apps.  Time will see if that continues.

Meanwhile, I decided to invest in the Android platform.  The item that caught my immediate attention is that it is Linux based.  Now I know you fellow computer heads know what that means.  Linux is HUGE.  And easy to develop.  As evidenced by the tremendous growth of Android applications so far.  Up to over 10,000 in the Apps Market to date!  The other fact that drew me in is that Apple cant control it!  As much as I love Apple products (most), I HATE the way they insist on controlling the way I use them!  I mean, who really likes ITunes?  It’s a resource hog and bloated.  I would love my ITouch so much more if I could get music from whatever source I desired.  But I digress, this isnt an Apple rant.  That will come later LOL

So I’ve had my SPrint HTC Hero for nearly a month.  I love it!  I’m all about customization and Android lets me do it to my hearts content.  Had an initial issue with bad battery life, but I found lots of fixes for it online (google it) and now its a non issue.  Still dont get as long as I did with my BlackBerry Curve (my previous phone) but its decent.  Hopefully the 2.1 update will fix that.  Currently running 1.5 btw.

My next decision is whether or not to Root. Here’s an excellent explanation of what Rooting is [] .  Right now I dont really see the need, but the geek in me wants to tinker LOL  I’ll update with what I decide.