Places… Where are you going?

You want to check out some place new. How you find out what’s around you? Well you could do it the caveman way and pull out the Yellow Pages, or you could find a native and ask them. Or you could get on your home computer and search that way. Neither of these methods is very convenient when you are in your car, riding around. Which happens a lot, to me anyway. This is why I really like this app…

Places is an app in the Google “suite” of iPad/iPhone apps including mail, search, maps, and navigator. It is an app that lets you search for business (or whatever) based on your location. It can be used with or without GPS, but of course its going to be more accurate with.

The basis is you enter in a search term (i.e. Biggby) and it’s will show you any nearby. There are several built in categories such as restaurants, bars, attractions, shopping, gas stations, etc. that you can choose if you don’t have a specific place in mind. From the generated listing you can choose whatever appeals to you. Once you choose, it gives you details of the location including address, comments/recommendations, photos, etc. From there you can actually view a map (Google maps) or even seamlessly drop right into Navigator to get turn by turn directions.

I use this app all the time. Even if I know where the spot is, I’ll check on Places just to see the comments LOL. Other than Maps, is is probably one of the most useful apps I have on my phone. Highly recommended for anyone that is not a chronic shut in or card carrying hermit!



You’re Killing My Buzz…

I’m confused.  I dont claim to be a marketing guru, or to have expertise in product launching,but if I were a company who recently made a MAJOR play into the communications arena; and had several manufacturers phones running several different versions of MY OS; I would definitely make sure that the product being launched WORKED with my branded phones!!

Ok *whew* that was a bit of a rant, but you get the idea yes?  I’m a bit peeved.  Google launched Buzz in full knowledge that it would NOT work with at least 31% (phones running Android 1.5) of phones running Android.  That includes my Hero.  For another 47% or so (running v1.6) Buzz only works in Google Maps 4.0.  The only Android phones that can fully experience all of Buzz’s capabilities are running 2.0/2.1, which are basically only the Motorola Droid and the Nexus One.  Period.

But guess what?  The iPhone is 100% fully and spectacularly supported!  Is that a kick in the head or what?  Now in Googles defense, I’m sure it tons easier to write compatibility for the iPhone as the OS is rock solid and theres only one version of it.  Google should have waited for the release until it at least had the majority of its OS phones compatible.  True, the Buzz demographic is much larger than the current Android base, but since Android is the new marketing focal point for them, one would think they would want to cross market.

But thats just me… Ciao!