They’re still Angry!!

I haven’t done a lot of reviews about games. Mostly because I get bored with them so fast. Rarely does a mobile game hold my attention for more than a few days. Well I finally found, not one, but two that I have been playing for over a month now (Bejeweled dosent count lol)…

First my addiction…. Angry Birds. For a super simple game, I find myself unable to tear myself away from it frequently! Something about hurling those pissed of pigeons at those smirking pork chops that just sets me off lol. I can’t get enough of it. I have been playing the free android version on my Evo. I also have it on my iPad but I honestly like the smaller form of the android version better. I like how the screen slides back and forth before, during, and after the attack. When I first saw the game, I was like “what are these people talking about? Cant be THIS game lol”. Obviously I was wrong… Definitely a recommended download for both android and the iPad.

Now my obsession…. Pocket Legends! This free little tounge in cheek, rpg is an excellent time killer! Being an rpg fan from way back (yes I know who Gary Gygax is) and both an original Everquest and former World of Warcraft addict, I think I know a thing or two about RPGs. This one fits the bill. Just enough of a rpg to keep yup interested and wanting to level, but casual enough to be played in bits and chunks with no penalty. And it’s cool for all ages. The cutesy graphics initially turned me off, but once I got into the game I see the appeal. I can play this games for a couple hours or for 15 minutes and have a great time either way. Did I mention it’s free? Well almost. The app is free. And yes you can play the game and never spend a dime. BUT…. Most of the really cool stuff is a paid premium. Don’t let that dissuade you from trying out though. Seriously… Download it now LOL

Ok enough blogging, I need to get back to my games! Ciao!


And the winner is…

So I won this contest.  No really, I did.  I know, I’m the guy who says he never wins anything.  Guess what? I won LOL

I was pursuing Twitter as I usually do, following #android , when I noticed a tweet from [btw check them out.  it’s a cool site] announcing a contest.  It’s kind of a “app of the day thing”.  They wanted you to name the latest game reviewed on the site.  So on a whim I shot to the site, scanned the front page, TOTALLY guessed as to what they wanted, and tweeted the answer.  Lo and behold I see a tweet announcing me as a co-winner [another guy won also].

What did I win? A free game from Mobihand.  It’s called Revolution 2217.  It’s a pretty cool game.  Its kind of like a mix between Galaga and that one game whose name escapes me at the moment 🙂  Anyway its a cool time killer.  Check it out!

Hmmm.. maybe I should play the lotto tonight?