Root: The Begining

No this is not a flashback, pseudo-historical docu-drama about slavery. (shout out to A. Haley) Although this scenario could end up being painful in its own right.

I’ve decide to root my Hero.  After weeks of research, forum reading, much deliberation I’ve decided to take the plunge.  So last night I downloaded every file that was recommended for any situation that might arise from the process.  Snatched up my handy dandy USB cable and I was ready!

The method of choice was the “one-click” root method using Fresh Pre-Kitchen 0.2. The ROM Fresh 1.1. Sounds simple right?  I have no idea.

I never made it that far.  For some unknown reason, my computer will not let me install the HTC USB drivers. Now I can connect my phone to my PC to use as a storage device or to use Double Twist with no issues.  It will not connect in USB debugging mode, which of course, is required in order to root my phone.  I have checked several forums, and followed several sets of advice to no avail.  I’ve deleted all possibly conflicting drivers.  Totally wiped and reinstalled the HTC drivers.  Downloaded and attempted to use the ADB drivers.  Nothing.  The drivers refuse to install.  If anyone has any insight as to why this is occurring, please share your wisdom!  My PC specs are below:

Toshiba Satellite

Windows XP Media Center Ed. v.2002 SP2

Intel CPU t2250 @ 1.73GHz, 2GB RAM

Meanwhile I suppose I will continue to work on this.  By the way, yes I did verify that it isnt a general USB issue. Bah…. [meditation & slow breathing]…