Flipboard, the REAL review

Finally! I got the email from Flipboard, informing me that I can now enter my accounts into it. Awesome right?

So, I immediately did so, with only a minor hiccup on the Facebook side of things. Which is to be expected as Facebook has been having issues for several weeks. That aside, everything else went smoothly.

The first thing I checked out was Twitter. I almost don’t know where to start. The experience is seriously amazing. Flipboard takes your incoming tweets and presents them in magazine fashion. Yeah I know you already know all that. What I’m saying is that it actually works as advertised! The layout is clean and easy to read. Pictures are displayed in-line. Snippets of articles are shown to make it easy for you to choose what to read further. There is a slider at the bottom of the page which allows you to move forward or back in the tweet timeline, regardless of the orientation of the page. I follow a lot of tweeters so I have a lot of tweets coming in regularly. Because of the volume, I typically just skim over the last hour or so of tweets to see if anything catches my attention, unless I am following something specifically. I find with Flipboard, I am actually reading a lot more tweets (completely) mostly due to the new convenience. It really is just like reading a magazine. Hard to put down once you start it. Lol.

What I don’t like… There’s not any deal breakers, but there are a few things that can be improved upon. First, and probably most troubling is I don’t see any readily available way for Flipboard to handle direct messages either from Twitter or Facebook. Without that feature (if the functionality IS there I can’t find it, which is just like it not being there), the apps is relegated to just being a neat way to view updates, not a real replacement for a dedicated Twitter or Facebook client. Which may or may not be their intent. Also there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how the tweets or updates are displayed. The Twitter side at least has a timeline, but the Facebook updates don’t. So you don’t know which updates are being left out, and yes some do get left out. So what’s the choice algorithm? Lastly, I’d like the retweet feature to allow me to edit the tweet before sending it. Like I said, no deal breakers, just things I’d like to see changed.

Overall, I think Flipboard is a great app. Is it the “killer” iPad app? I’m reserving judgement on that u till after the first update!



Flipboard, a review… Sort of…

Like many, many iPad owners, I have been waiting for that one app that makes absolutely go gaga over my iPad. I mean there are a lot of really cool apps out there already, but so far, none of them scream “killer app” yet.

Enter stage left… Flipboard. When this app was announced, I was like “this is it!”. So again, like many of you, I immediately rushed to download the app. Super excited to play with this new phenomenon, you can imagine my huge let down when I found out that I couldn’t. It appears that in their zeal to get their product to the market, the creators greatly underestimated the largest denominator, demand.

As of yet, I still haven’t been able to sign up my Twitter, nor my Facebook accounts in Flipboard. Who knows when that will happen. I have received my email saying I was “in line”, but what does that mean time-wise? Hours, days, weeks…months? I have yet to see the multitude of tweets stating that people are being allowed to sign up. Sorry but thats a major FAIL in my book and kind of taints my perception of the company.

So here I sit, wishing I could use this awesome looking app I have downloaded. I have purused a lot of the Flip content. It’s decent. Nothing that says “wow”. But then that wasn’t the draw for me anyway. It was the fact I could aggregate my Facebook and Twitter into it. Which I still can’t do. Are you listening Flipboard? We like your product, if only we could USE IT!

End of rant.