These are a few of my favorite…apps…

Well, the update didnt happen on the 26th as I predicted [not that it took Nostradamus].  I’m not bitter, really i’m not.  You hear that Sprint?  You havent beaten me!  I WILL SURVIVE!! [sorry.. was channeling Gloria Gaynor]

To cheer myself up I thought I’d post some of my favorite/most used apps.  Just the top ten that I use daily and really like; and why I like them.  Not real reviews, just a blurb or two.  So, in no particular order:

Hootsuite – currently my favorite (tied with Seesmic) twitter app.  I like the way it handles multiple columns a little better than Seesmic does, although I think Seesmic is a bit more polished and smoother to use.

Handcent – SMS application.  Still my choice.  True enough I haven’t tried Chomp yet but from everyone I’ve talked to, Handcent is the better choice anyway.  I average about 2500 texts a month so a good SMS app is non-negotiable.

Bloo – the best Facebook app in my opinion.  I can do everything I want except create messages and play games.  The message thing is annoying but I can live with it for now.  Way better than the stock Android FB client.

Opera Mini Browser – Im kind of twisted on this one.   I’ve been an Opera fan for a long time on different platforms (Windows, Mac, PSP, etc.), and they have done a great job for Android.  I love this browser.  Trouble is, I love Dolphin also.  So I flip back and forth between them.  Maybe after a couple more updates there will be a clear winner for me LOL

Foursquare – I know I know. LOL. Still I love this app.  I’m growing addicted to collecting the badges and I love the tips people leave about the locations.  Plus its fun seeing where my friends are traveling.  The app isnt without its issues but Im sure with subsequent upgrades it will get better.

Fandango – The perfect movie app.  Theaters, times, reviews, clips.  If it came with popcorn it’d be perfect.

TuneWiki – Very nice music app.  Not does a good job of playing my downloaded music, but it also streams radio stations and other music through Shoutcast and  Bonus?  It displays lyrics for your songs! Not a necessity, but cool nonetheless.

Sprint Navigation – Everybody loves to trash the Sprint “built ins” and for the most part they are right.  The apps are bloated, clunky, and resource hogs.  Sprint Nav is the exception.  I really like it.  I was going to buy a Tom Tom but I’ve put it off indefinitely.  I know it doesnt have all the features of a stand alone GPS, but for free? It will do lol

Evernote – The Android front end to the web based Evernote.  Havent used it? You should. Its a very useful application.  You can keep notes, list, full documents, whatever there and access them from anywhere, including your phone!  You can even append notes from the phone.

Barcode Scanner – If you do not have this app, you are not using your Android phone at all.  I love this app!  Scan any barcode, get info!  Nearly any kind of barcode.  Makes shopping interesting LOL

Well thats my top ten.  I’d recommend any of these apps.  I’m going to do one of these every month to see how my preferences change.  Could be intriguing… Ciao!