The Experience…

I’m stealing the idea of doing an ongoing series of posts regarding my experiences with the iPad from @ffg.  Thanks for the inspiration LOL

First impression: it’s not going to replace my laptop.  Not entirely anyway.  The iPad is much more portable.  The battery life is phenomenal.  I use it all day surfing the web, watching video, tweeting, and playing games and the lowest the battery has been was about 56%.  The browsing experience is very cool.  Other than flash [no, im not going to go into that tired diatribe], I cant think of anything to really complain about browser wise.  Safari rocks as is.  I am trying a different browser currently also but I’ll post more on that later.

The keyboard is kind of ify [i know, its not a word].  I mean its definitely usable, but its not a comfortable or confident situation.  [Kind of like if that hot cousin you’ve always lusted after from afar suddenly shows up to spend the weekend at your house.  It’s cool, but its awkward and weird.] If you’ve got big hands like I do, you can use your thumbs to type while holding the iPad aloft.  Its’ slow, but it works.

Definitely needs multitasking.  It gets annoying sometimes to have to keep starting and stopping apps.  Adding that would make the iPad more of a viable contender for a laptop replacement.  Right now its more of an “also” device.  Did I mention that this thing flies?  It is so fast, especial on the web, that I almost hate having to use my laptop after it!  I probably use my iPad for about 70% of my web activities now.  The rest I’m still defaulting to the laptop.  Although I must confess, between my Hero phone, and the iPad, I am using the laptop less and less.  I still do my posting from the laptop but once I get used to the keyboard I will attempt to do  that from the iPad also.

I really like it.  Glad I got it.  I can see in the future it become more and more prevalent in the community.  Well, maybe not the iPad specifically, but the touch screen style computer.  More iPad stuff to come… stay tuned!



Where’s My Charger? Part deux…

More on the continuing saga of the battery life (or lack thereof) of the Sprint HTC Hero…

I was recently asked what I thought about extended batteries. I didnt have an opinion one way or the other, so I thought I’d better do some research.  This is what I found:

Mugen Power 3200mAh Extended Replacement Battery for Sprint HTCHero 200 (CDMA) with battery door in Brown.

$79.95 + s&h.  Mugen Power.

Looks like a good deal.  Reports for users claim at least twice the battery life of the standard battery.  I don’t actually have one in hand to review (I hope to obtain one soon.) but right off the bat I have to say the picture looks like the battery will add considerable bulk to the thickness of the phone.  It also comes with a custom battery door.  Aesthetics wise, I’m not a big fan of the bulk or the generic looking door.  Maybe they should have gotten with HTCs design department on that one.

Although, if the reported battery life is even close to being accurate, it’s a trade off that I think I can live with!  It’s so annoying having to port around a charger everywhere I go, “just in case”.

I also found the following products:

Innocell 3500mAh Extended Life Battery

$69.95 + s&h. Seidio Online Store

The pic really shows how much thicker the battery will make the Hero.  This back design is even worse that the Mugen version.  But it is covered by a “soft grip” coating, so that is a benefit.  It is also listed about $10 cheap AND 300mAh larger.  I don’t know how much time that really translates into, but every little bit helps right?

Innocell 1750mAh Slim Extended Life Battery

$49.95 + s&h. Seidio Online Store

This is a nice alternative for those that dont want to add bulk to their Hero.  I’m not sure just how much more time you’ll get out of this battery as it is only 250mAh over the standard OEM battery, but as I said, every little bit counts.

I should be obtaining at least one of these extended batteries in the next 2 weeks.  Stay tuned as I will be posting my reviews. Ciao!

Where’s my charger?

If you own an Android phone, particularly the HTC Hero, you’ve probably dealt with less than stellar battery life.  Initially mine was so short it was almost a deal breaker.  So instead of griping at Sprint or HTC, I went to the net and “googled” it.  Turns out I wasnt alone LOL  After perusing several different solutions, this is what I did:

  1. replaced the stock sms app with a 3rd party app. I chose Handcent SMS but I’m told ChompSMS is just as good.
  2. disable notifications in the stock sms app.

Appaprently the problem is that the stock SMS app isnt allowing the phone to “sleep” causing excessive battery drain.  I did the fix, and so far my battery life has increased drastically.  Still not up to where it should be IMO, but much better than it was out of the box.  The rumor is that the 2.1 update will address the issue.

If you have further questions, check out this thread at