Who’s the fairest of them all?

I know.  Its been awhile since my last post.  I havent quit blogging.  In the last month I have had a lot of chaos in my life that is just starting to somewhat normalize, so the blog was a very low priority.  But now things are starting to level out so I’m back!  Did you miss me? [This wold be the opportunity for you to let me know just how indispensable i am to your technology based life… lol)

Still loving my iPad.  Even more so when I jail broke it.  Even MORE so with iOS 4.2!  Although the implementation of the “multitasking” is kind of wonky (everything you use automatically just stays open.  I’d rather have a choice about what does.  Like I did when it was jail broken.), its still very cool and very usable.  Now on to the real subject of this post…

I finally broke down and decided to purchase a screen protector for my iPad.  I’d always been extra super careful with my iPad.  I never let anyone else handle it other than my teen-aged tech oriented daughter.  So I really didnt see the need for a screen protector.  Plus I didnt want anything affecting the gorgeous clarity of the screen.

I finally had to admit to myself that I was fed up with finger prints all over the glass.  It’s embarrassing when someone wants to look at my iPad and its all smudged up and dirty looking.  Plus, after seeing iPad after iPad come in (to my place of work.  No, dont ask.) with broken screens, I was starting to get paranoid about it.  And yes, I know a screen protector wont stop a screen from breaking, but its better than nothing.

I had kind of looked around at different screen protectors but it seemed like more of the same.  Thin sheets of cheap plastic for 9.99 or less, or thin sheets of slightly better plastic for 19.99 or more.  I wasn’t happy with my choices.  Just when I was about to take my chances with one of the cheaper choices on Amazon, a friend gave me one of some samples he received at work.  It was a screen protector of the mirrored variety by BHB, called “Screen Guarder – the greatest guarder for lcd screen” (lol).  No I never heard of them either.  Most likely an Asian distributor.

The first thing that impressed me was the thickness and relative rigidity of the sheet.  Is was very shiny and free of any imperfections.  The packaging said it was made of “Japan PET” material and claimed:

  • scratch-proof – so far so good.
  • dust repelling – didnt really have a dust problem before so…
  • finger print free – false.  becasue its a mirrored surface, you just dont SEE the prints as readily, which I guess achieves the same effect.
  • bubble-free application – your experience may vary.  i was able to get it on with very few bubbles, after a second application.
  • improves handwriting recognition – eh.
  • anti-reflective – what?  its a freaking mirror! lol
  • washable and reusable – umm…

Overall I like it.  When the screen is off it is totally a mirror.  Your mileage will of course vary, but I had to turn up the brightness a bit when the screen was on.  There is also a kind of “rainbow effect” depending on which angle you look at the screen.  Nothing too severe but it is noticeable occasionally.  Was relatively easy to put on.  Few bubbles.

Bottom line – for 9.99 or less, this is very worth the money.  I cant see paying any more than that for a sheet of plastic, I dont care what the claims are!  I mean seriously!






Dropbox….all over!

I find myself drawn to the “cloud” environment and so am excited when I find legitimate uses for it. The ability to access files, notes, pics, from whatever device I happen to be using is essential. As I am an avid user of both Android and iOS, it needs to be seamlessly multi-platform capable. I have found that app.

Dropbox is an application which does all of the above and more. It’s a true “cloud” meaning that all of your data resides on the web. Theoretically, you don’t rally even need to download an app to use the service as it is accessible from any web browser. The app is more about convenience and auto syncing.

I have a Windows XP laptop, a HTC Hero (android) phone, and an iPad. The main reason I love Dropbox is this: I can take a pic and add it to a note on my phone, edit the note and add other media on my computer, and add the note to a list and share it with my friends on my iPad. It’s all seamless and 100% interchangeable. Of course the icing on the cake is that it’s FREE! You get a very decent amount of storage up front (the amount of which I seem to have forgotten lol) but what’s really cool is that you get even MORE free storage when ever you refer someone to the service! Is that customer rewards or what? Dropbox does have a paid premium service but honestly I can’t see ever needing to upgrade to it.

So if you’re like me, always seeing something you want to remember later, or show someone, or if you have files that you frequently need to access away from your computer; check out Dropbox. I can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t be worth your time.


Myspace? Music? Really?

Most people that I know, that used Myspace back in the early arguably “cool” days of the site, have long since abandoned it to the cluster *bleep* it has become. I only still even have a Myspace account due to the few diehard friends I have that refuse to come to Facebook (zealots lol).

Anyway, this review isn’t about Myspace per se. It’s actually about an app I recently found called Myspace Romeo. When I say “Myspace” in the title, I immediately ignored it. As would any sane minded person. But curiosity got the best of me, so I downloaded it. To say I was surprised is the understatement of the week! I cant believe this smooth performing, good looking, “works as advertised” app is affiliated with Myspace! Seriously?

Myspace Romeo (ok what’s with the name?) is great. You pick your genre, pick your mood, and it streams music videos. That’s it. Simple and effective. Of course there are the requisite ads. I haven’t decided if there are enough to be annoying yet. Other than that I don’t really have any complaints yet. I’ll use it for a few days and revisit this review. Oh, ok I do have one minor thing. Sometimes, the choice of videos made, based on your preferences can be a little strange. I chose “r&b, naughty” (purely for testing folks! Heh..) and the first video played was by Bieber. (what?), so…. Take that how you may. Check it out. Worth the download…


Lights, camera, action!

It’s not often that I find an app, download it, and immediately love it. I mean it happens, but not often. You are probably also aware that I very much love my iPad. It’s fast becoming my “go to” device for anything media related. Music, streaming radio, podcasts, movies, whatever. Well movies not so much. The way Apple has the iPad locked into iTunes, getting a movie that didn’t originate in iTunes onto the iPad is a pain. The conversion process is ridiculously long. Even then iTunes will sometimes balk at accepting it. Consequently I only had a couple of movies loaded.

That’s all changed. I just found out about an app that is the answer to my prayers! It’s called CineXPlayer. It’s a simple little app that does exactly what it says it does… Play divx (.avi) movie files WITHOUT conversion! It couldn’t be simpler. Download the app to your iPad. Hook up to iTunes. Choose the iPad, then choose apps. Choose the app, then choose the files to upload. Bam! It’s done! My movie files average about 550mb, so took about 2-3 minutes a file to upload. Tons faster than if I had tried to convert them in iTunes.

Playback is excellent. Nothing is lost. Audio is crisp. At least as it is in the native file. Nothing is changed as far as I can tell. So what’s the catch? Nothing right now, but I’m willing to bet that soon Apple finds some reason to pull it from the market. Why? Because it gives iPad users FREEDOM. And that is a very bad word to Apple. If they haven’t approved it, they don’t want it on their device. Whatever.

So my advice to you is to get ahold of this app fast, because it most likely will have a limited shelf life. You still reading this? Go get the app! Now! Lol


Places… Where are you going?

You want to check out some place new. How you find out what’s around you? Well you could do it the caveman way and pull out the Yellow Pages, or you could find a native and ask them. Or you could get on your home computer and search that way. Neither of these methods is very convenient when you are in your car, riding around. Which happens a lot, to me anyway. This is why I really like this app…

Places is an app in the Google “suite” of iPad/iPhone apps including mail, search, maps, and navigator. It is an app that lets you search for business (or whatever) based on your location. It can be used with or without GPS, but of course its going to be more accurate with.

The basis is you enter in a search term (i.e. Biggby) and it’s will show you any nearby. There are several built in categories such as restaurants, bars, attractions, shopping, gas stations, etc. that you can choose if you don’t have a specific place in mind. From the generated listing you can choose whatever appeals to you. Once you choose, it gives you details of the location including address, comments/recommendations, photos, etc. From there you can actually view a map (Google maps) or even seamlessly drop right into Navigator to get turn by turn directions.

I use this app all the time. Even if I know where the spot is, I’ll check on Places just to see the comments LOL. Other than Maps, is is probably one of the most useful apps I have on my phone. Highly recommended for anyone that is not a chronic shut in or card carrying hermit!


Flipboard, the REAL review

Finally! I got the email from Flipboard, informing me that I can now enter my accounts into it. Awesome right?

So, I immediately did so, with only a minor hiccup on the Facebook side of things. Which is to be expected as Facebook has been having issues for several weeks. That aside, everything else went smoothly.

The first thing I checked out was Twitter. I almost don’t know where to start. The experience is seriously amazing. Flipboard takes your incoming tweets and presents them in magazine fashion. Yeah I know you already know all that. What I’m saying is that it actually works as advertised! The layout is clean and easy to read. Pictures are displayed in-line. Snippets of articles are shown to make it easy for you to choose what to read further. There is a slider at the bottom of the page which allows you to move forward or back in the tweet timeline, regardless of the orientation of the page. I follow a lot of tweeters so I have a lot of tweets coming in regularly. Because of the volume, I typically just skim over the last hour or so of tweets to see if anything catches my attention, unless I am following something specifically. I find with Flipboard, I am actually reading a lot more tweets (completely) mostly due to the new convenience. It really is just like reading a magazine. Hard to put down once you start it. Lol.

What I don’t like… There’s not any deal breakers, but there are a few things that can be improved upon. First, and probably most troubling is I don’t see any readily available way for Flipboard to handle direct messages either from Twitter or Facebook. Without that feature (if the functionality IS there I can’t find it, which is just like it not being there), the apps is relegated to just being a neat way to view updates, not a real replacement for a dedicated Twitter or Facebook client. Which may or may not be their intent. Also there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how the tweets or updates are displayed. The Twitter side at least has a timeline, but the Facebook updates don’t. So you don’t know which updates are being left out, and yes some do get left out. So what’s the choice algorithm? Lastly, I’d like the retweet feature to allow me to edit the tweet before sending it. Like I said, no deal breakers, just things I’d like to see changed.

Overall, I think Flipboard is a great app. Is it the “killer” iPad app? I’m reserving judgement on that u till after the first update!


Flipboard, a review… Sort of…

Like many, many iPad owners, I have been waiting for that one app that makes absolutely go gaga over my iPad. I mean there are a lot of really cool apps out there already, but so far, none of them scream “killer app” yet.

Enter stage left… Flipboard. When this app was announced, I was like “this is it!”. So again, like many of you, I immediately rushed to download the app. Super excited to play with this new phenomenon, you can imagine my huge let down when I found out that I couldn’t. It appears that in their zeal to get their product to the market, the creators greatly underestimated the largest denominator, demand.

As of yet, I still haven’t been able to sign up my Twitter, nor my Facebook accounts in Flipboard. Who knows when that will happen. I have received my email saying I was “in line”, but what does that mean time-wise? Hours, days, weeks…months? I have yet to see the multitude of tweets stating that people are being allowed to sign up. Sorry but thats a major FAIL in my book and kind of taints my perception of the company.

So here I sit, wishing I could use this awesome looking app I have downloaded. I have purused a lot of the Flip content. It’s decent. Nothing that says “wow”. But then that wasn’t the draw for me anyway. It was the fact I could aggregate my Facebook and Twitter into it. Which I still can’t do. Are you listening Flipboard? We like your product, if only we could USE IT!

End of rant.