Myspace? Music? Really?

Most people that I know, that used Myspace back in the early arguably “cool” days of the site, have long since abandoned it to the cluster *bleep* it has become. I only still even have a Myspace account due to the few diehard friends I have that refuse to come to Facebook (zealots lol).

Anyway, this review isn’t about Myspace per se. It’s actually about an app I recently found called Myspace Romeo. When I say “Myspace” in the title, I immediately ignored it. As would any sane minded person. But curiosity got the best of me, so I downloaded it. To say I was surprised is the understatement of the week! I cant believe this smooth performing, good looking, “works as advertised” app is affiliated with Myspace! Seriously?

Myspace Romeo (ok what’s with the name?) is great. You pick your genre, pick your mood, and it streams music videos. That’s it. Simple and effective. Of course there are the requisite ads. I haven’t decided if there are enough to be annoying yet. Other than that I don’t really have any complaints yet. I’ll use it for a few days and revisit this review. Oh, ok I do have one minor thing. Sometimes, the choice of videos made, based on your preferences can be a little strange. I chose “r&b, naughty” (purely for testing folks! Heh..) and the first video played was by Bieber. (what?), so…. Take that how you may. Check it out. Worth the download…



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