The Experience part 2

Well. I’ve had my iPad for roughly 30 days now. Time enough for all of the hoopla to die down some (I did say some), and for me to use the device on a daily basis in a real work setting. So here’s my thoughts…

I am still of the mind that the iPad is not a laptop or even a net book replacement. It is most definitely a media consumption device. Meaning it excels at delivering media: audio, video, Internet. Apple knew what they were doing when they dropped this one on us. That’s why it appeals to the masses so, it makes media into eye candy!

That being said, I must admit, I hardly use my laptop anymore. I definitely never take it with me anymore. There are plenty of critics that say the iPad isn’t productive enough for real work. I beg to differ. I have found there are very few tasks that I can’t fulfill on my device. I can’t modify the appearance of my WordPress blog due to the limitations of Safari (the apple browser), I can’t really upload/download, and of course I can interact with sites that are mostly flash based. I haven’t found those to be deal breakers as of yet. I do nearly all of my blogging on it now. I purchased Pages (The iPad word-processing program) and have written several articles of moderate length with ease. I know I sound like a commercial but I’m just keeping it real. I am decently impressed with the device. Can’t wait for the 4.0 update to see if it improves the experience much.

The iPad has also replaced my beloved iPod Touch. Aft a couple of weeks, I was like “what’s the point?”. The iPad duplicates the Touch in every way and function. Come to think of it, so does my phone (my Hero). I’m never without one of them, so I sold my Touch. Then I held z small memorial service lol

Of course my favorite situation is sitting in a Biggby Coffee, with a super sugar free frozen Mocha mocha, surfing the web and watching CNN on the huge flat screens. The iPad was made for that one hundred percent. As a matter of fact, that sounds good right now!



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