The Experience…

I’m stealing the idea of doing an ongoing series of posts regarding my experiences with the iPad from @ffg.  Thanks for the inspiration LOL

First impression: it’s not going to replace my laptop.  Not entirely anyway.  The iPad is much more portable.  The battery life is phenomenal.  I use it all day surfing the web, watching video, tweeting, and playing games and the lowest the battery has been was about 56%.  The browsing experience is very cool.  Other than flash [no, im not going to go into that tired diatribe], I cant think of anything to really complain about browser wise.  Safari rocks as is.  I am trying a different browser currently also but I’ll post more on that later.

The keyboard is kind of ify [i know, its not a word].  I mean its definitely usable, but its not a comfortable or confident situation.  [Kind of like if that hot cousin you’ve always lusted after from afar suddenly shows up to spend the weekend at your house.  It’s cool, but its awkward and weird.] If you’ve got big hands like I do, you can use your thumbs to type while holding the iPad aloft.  Its’ slow, but it works.

Definitely needs multitasking.  It gets annoying sometimes to have to keep starting and stopping apps.  Adding that would make the iPad more of a viable contender for a laptop replacement.  Right now its more of an “also” device.  Did I mention that this thing flies?  It is so fast, especial on the web, that I almost hate having to use my laptop after it!  I probably use my iPad for about 70% of my web activities now.  The rest I’m still defaulting to the laptop.  Although I must confess, between my Hero phone, and the iPad, I am using the laptop less and less.  I still do my posting from the laptop but once I get used to the keyboard I will attempt to do  that from the iPad also.

I really like it.  Glad I got it.  I can see in the future it become more and more prevalent in the community.  Well, maybe not the iPad specifically, but the touch screen style computer.  More iPad stuff to come… stay tuned!



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  1. I read about it some days ago in another blog and the main things that you mention here are very similar

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