Time keeps on ticking…

Here we are again.  Or maybe its just me.  The current “verified” rumor is that the OS upgrade for the Sprint HTC Hero will drop on May 7th, which is tomorrow [for those calendar deprived folks].  I can’t help it, but I’m getting kind of excited.  I know I’m most likely setting myself up for yet another disappointment but MAN its so time for this to happen!

Supposedly, the update will be available on HTCs website so hopefully I wont have to take my phone into a Sprint store.  That would go along way to appeasing my frustration with how long it took to come out.  The other caveat is that updating your phone will totally erase all information contained on it.  It will allegedly backup and restore your contacts but thats it.  You’ll have to reload all of your apps, pics, music, etc.  A pain in the rump most definitely but doable.

So, if it actually happens tomorrow I will post a full rundown of the changes/improvements.  Maybe even a couple of screenshots! LOL We will see. If it actually happens… once again, not holding my breath.



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