Things are going on.  Good things even!  Like what you ask?  Well sit down and grab a iced green tea with a shot of mango [my fave concoction @ Goldfish Tea by the way] and away we go….

First of all, some good news for us Hero owners.  Sprint has announced that we will FINALLY be getting our 2.1 OS update!  Still laughing vague on the actual date but should be within the next 2-3 weeks I’d say.  The caveat of course [there’s always one of those], is that it dosent look like it will be an OTA update.  meaning we will most likely have to go to a Sprint service center and endure their “service”.  Which sucks.  I mean, really who has time for all of that?  I suppose I will just have to find somewhere to squeeze 3-4 hours in.  Not that the upgrade will take that long, but I can almost guarantee the “service” will.

The next item, and infinitely more exciting….. I have my iPad! [dun dun duuuunnn!]

Sweet right?  As you can see, my dog Chico has already bonded with it!  Yeah I know I should have made the bed first, but hey, I was excited LOL

So this begins a new addition to the blog, iPad/iPod Touch news/tips/reviews.  So not only this be your Android spot, but it will also be your iPad spot.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still not an Apple fan boy, but I have to give crdit where credit is due.  Apple did the iPad right.  Cant wait for the OS upgrade v4.0!  True multitasking!

About my iPad.  So far I love it.  Just got it last night and have been playing with it non stop.  Right off the bat I can say battery life is very good.  Fresh out the box, I played with it for about 4 or 4.5 hours straight, and barely cracked the battery down to 83%.  The initial setup was a PAIN, but that was due to having to update my iTunes [bloated Apple control-ware] and not the fault of the iPad.  Once I got it sync’d, I dumped a bunch of apps that I have on my iPod Touch to it.  For the most part, they all worked, but it is definitely better to get the version MADE for the iPad. The cool things is apps made for the iPhone/iPod can be “expanded” to fill most of the iPads screen.  Bad thing is that some of them look like total crap when you do that.  So I’m still in exploration mode as far as apps.  I’ll post some reviews and such once I have a few.  The browser is also very good.  I can access just about all the sites I use on a daily basis.  Bonus: I can watch Netflix movies on it!  Not too mention YouTube. Still no Hulu though.  Small concession.

Overall I am very pleased with the investment and look forward to popping into my networking group with it.  We are all a bunch of technerds and I can just imagine the eyes bugging and hands reaching LOL  I’m going to play with it for a good week or so, then post a more technical, in depth review.  Till then…



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