Whew, its been a few days!  Betcha thought I’d given up on the blog didn’t you?  Nope.  Just been involved in some other time and resource consuming activities for a bit.  Oh ye of little faith LOL  The blog shall endure…

I call this post “Anticipation” because that is what I’m experiencing right now.  On a couple of fronts.  First of all and probably foremost, is I am STILL awaiting the foretold OS upgrade promised for my phone.  Most of all the other models have received upgrades.  As of the posting of this, I believe most of the handsets running 1.6 or better have been upgraded to 2.1 (some are still at 2.0, which is still a darn sight better than 1.5).  It’s a waiting game.  First it was vaguely promised “some time” in 1Q of 2010.  Then its was March 26th.  Now its 2Q.  Yes, its frustrating.  I’m trying to practice what I preach and be patient but MAN, it’s getting old.

Speaking of practicing what I preach, I may have to make a retraction from a previous post.   On March 30th, I posted “iPads not the pad for me!” stating how unimpressed with the iPad I was/wasn’t.  In retrospect, that opinion was made in haste, and overly biased due to my irritation with the hordes of instant iPad fan boys/girls that were flooding the forums with their cult-ish rhetoric.  I have since had ample time to experience the iPad in a more relaxed, and analytical fashion, leading me to form an entirely new opinion of the product.

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I love the iPad!  Now before you start flinging flaming arrows of hate at me, let me clarify.  Everything I previously said about the limitations of the iPad still apply.  For now.  Allegedly, the iPad, iPhone 3Gs, and later models of the iPod Touch, will all get multitasking, and a host of other abilities with the next OS upgrade.

My point is, it dosent matter.  Because what the iPad does do, it does superbly!  It’s the perfect size for taking to the coffee shop or library when you just want to do some email, or tweeting, or reading.  The battery life is great.  The screen is awesome.  Fits my needs to a tee.  No more lugging around the laptop.  So yes, I plan of purchasing one.  Not real soon but within the next couple months.  I’m using that time to see just what everybody else is bring to the “pad” arena.  What I am hoping is that someone will step up to the plate and produce an Android based tablet that will make me say phooey to Apple.  Haven’t seen that yet.  There are a few decent ones out there right now, but they are not up to snuff against the iPad.

SO in a nutshell, NO i have not become an Apple fan boy. YES I am still an ardent supporter of the Android platform.  YES, if no one else wows me, I will be purchasing an iPad.  That is all.



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