iPads not the pad for me!

Man I am definitely chomping at the bit for this one!  What now you ask?  Yeah yeah I know.  I get excited by just about any new gadget that hits the market.  I have no apology.  Its my vice and I love it!

I’m talking about the prospect of having an Android based tablet (or pad)! I mean the iPad is cool and all, but it is basically a giant, way overpriced, iPod Touch.  And I already have one of those that I dont use now LOL  The concept is great; Apple just didnt execute it right. Enter Android.  There are several manufacturers announcing Android based tablets.  This is a perfect solution for me.  I love the Android platform and its potential.  I was looking for a happy medium between my laptop and my smartphone.  I’d love to be able to grab one of these “pads” and pop over to Caribou Coffee or Goldfish Tea [remind me to tell you about this place!] and read blogs, do some lite email, maybe even some Facebook without having to lug my laptop along, and without finger cramps typing on my phone.

Most of the companies announcing are Asian so the availability is unknown as of yet.  But they look good. [stat tables via androidpads.com]

photo via androidpads.com

Let’s have a look unter the hood:

Specifications Camangi Webstation 7″
Processor Marvell PXA303 624MHz
RAM 128MB Mobile DDR
Screen 7-inch TFT LCD / 800 x 480 /16 Mio. True Color / Single Resistive touchscreen
Storage 256MB NAND Flash (system) / microSD card (8GB included)
A/V Input Built-in microphone /
A/V Output Built-in speaker (80hm 2x 1W) / 3.5mm stereo headphone jack /
Network WLAN (802.11 b/g) / 3G with USB Dongle
Connectors Type A & mini-B USB port / AC Adaptor, 4mm DC in
Sensors G-sensor
Battery Built-in Lithium Polymer battery / 3.7V 4000mAh / Standby: up to 4 days, Internet and media use: up to 4-5 hours
Extras GPS / Micro SD card slot / Stylus / Different Colors / Customized Android with Camangi Marketplace
Price Range 275$ – 399$ (depending on the discount offer they have sometimes)
Vendor Camangi

photo via androidpads.com

Here are the specifications ofthe UMEC MP291:

Specifications UMEC MP291
Processor ARM Cortex A8 (from 600MHz up to 1Ghz, don’t know how fast this one will be)
RAM ???
Screen 5-Inch / 840 x 480 / capacitive touchscreen
Storage / micro SD
A/V Input FM Reciever / DVB-T Tuner / Microphone / 2 Mio Pixel Front Camera
A/V Output Mini HDMI Out / FM Transmitter / Audio Out (3.5mm Jack)
Network WLAN 802.11 bgn / Bluetooth /
Connectors USB (2x) / External Antenna Jack (for GPS I think) / DC Input
Sensors ???
Battery Polymer 4600 mAH
Extras micro SD slot / USB Keyboard and Mouse support / GPS
Price Range 200$
Manufacturer UMEC Universal Microelectronics Co.

I’m hoping the Dell Mini 5 comes in at a decent price also.

photo via engadget

Specifications Dell Mini 5
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 1Ghz
RAM some say 256MB, others say 483MB, others say 405MB
Screen 5″ / 480×854 / Capacitive Multitouch Screen / TFT
Storage some say 512MB, some say 1024MB, others say 1.63GB / microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash, SDIO (2 slots for micro SDHC cards inside! see video!)
A/V Input 5MP Camera (with Autofocus and Flash) / Front VGA Cam for Video Chat / Microphone
A/V Output Loudspeakers / 3.5-mm Headphone Jack / Video Out through Dock
Network CSD, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA / Bluetooth 2.1 / WLAN (802.11b, 802.11i, 802.11g )
Connectors mini USB 2.0, 480Mbit/s / 30 Pin Dock Connector
Sensors Accelerometer
Battery Lithium Ion / 1530 mAh (exchangeable)
Extras GPS / Android 1.6 (some say 2.1)/ consumer personalization of colors and designs possible
Prince Range unknown
Vendor DellThese specs are unconfirmed as of yet.

More to come! Ciao!


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  1. Adding a link to where you copied the spec tables from would just be fair 😉

  2. […] iPads not the pad for me! […]

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