Patience is a Virtue…

I am still waiting. For what you may ask? The update to my Hero. I recently posted a rant [well not so much a rant, as more of a long complaint] regarding the nebulous status of the update. You can read it here: Brenda Cares Corner – Living the Hero Life.

The update is rumored to roll out tomorrow. I refuse to get excited about it because frankly I dont believe its going to happen. At least for the majority of Hero owners. Neither Sprint nor HTC has confirmed this date. It’s just a rumor. A widely spread rumor, but a rumor nonetheless. Rumors very rarely turn into anything concrete.

So, here I sit, loving but frustrated by my phone. Not because of my phone, but once again because of my cellular provider.

I think that Android is just the first (arguably) step toward the mobile platform (cellular and computing) becoming a truly open platform where the end user chooses the hardware NOT based on the carrier, but on the specs of the hardware. Then he CHOOSES which carrier he wants, based on his needs, not on which phone they carry. Fantasy? I dont think so. A long way off? Undoubtedly. But I believe we are headed down that road. Sorry Apple LOL



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