Keep your Hero locked down…

You’re probably not a Kanye fan, so you probably dont get that obscure song reference, but just humor me.  [insert video of Kanye interrupting Taylor here] “Ima let you finish Apple, Ima let you finish but Android has THE BEST OS this year!!”…

Ok.  That was painful. I was trying to segue into talking about security on the Hero.  I’ll work on it.  I promise.

Security on the Hero.  Do you have any?  Do you even care? I actually find that most people dont.  They find it too much of a hassle to add the extra step of entering in a password every time they access the phone.  To be honest I am one of those people.  It’s just annoying. And frankly, I’ve never felt the need.  I mean its just phone numbers right?  Well yes and no.  With smartphones doing more and more; more and more of our personal information is being stored on them.  Things like our Facebook and email passwords, personal documents, and of course our contacts.  What happens if you lose your phone?  Do we really want all that info easily accessible to a stranger?  I would think not.

So what do we do about it?  Well there are several apps in the market that address the situation.  I will be reviewing a few of them at a later date.  This post isnt about them.  This post is about the built in security on your Hero.  Like I said previously, I am not a fan of entering a password each time I want to use my phone.  Enter the Unlock Pattern.  Have you looked at it yet?  My first thought was “What the heck?”, but now after using it for awhile I see it for what it is… pure genius!

I slide down the screen lock, it takes 2 seconds to slide my finger in my unlock pattern and voila! I’m in.  I can set my phone down and not worry about someone picking it up and snooping.  AND I dont have to remember yet another oddball password!  Have I sold you yet?  Its the simplest thing to set up and use.  Try it.  I’m betting you’ll love it.  JUST DONT FORGET YOUR PATTERN LOL



3 Responses

  1. […] I posted on my blog regarding security on your Hero, meaning, the contents of the phone.  This led me to think about the physical security or […]

  2. just don’t leave the phone to little ones – the Android OS ‘super locks’ after 5 wrong patterns. You then need to enter your Google account username and password – but there is a bug that the authentication errors and the only way the to get in is the reset/wipe the phone.

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