Tweet Tweet…Goose?

Not really Android or Hero related, but I thought it was noteworthy all the same.

I’m always on the lookout for new software to make my computer “life” more efficient, cooler, more fun.  So I have been recently evaluating lots of different apps.  In this post I discuss the Twitter based alternatives.

If you know anything about me, you know I’m a true Twitter addict.  I’m connected to it 24 hours a day.  Either by desktop or by my Hero.  On the Hero I am currently using Seesmic.  Love it! Does everything I need in a a mobile Twitter app.  So my next mission was to be equally satisfied with a desktop application.

I had been using the Twitter web page since I discovered Twitter.  Never really had an issue with it.  As I get deeper into tweeting and all the information available there, I found I needed a more robust solution.  My first foray was Twhirl, a nice little app made by Seesmic. It’s a good beginning app.  Small, easy to read, some customization. Good app for single account users.  Also works with Friendfeed and other services.  Then a friend introduced me to Tweet Deck.  Wow.  Initially it ws total information overload!  Tweet Deck is definitely for the Twitter power user.  Multiples columns, multiple accounts, tons of user settings. I love it.  But even as much as I use Twitter, I was thinking it was maybe a bit much. My next choice was Seesmic.  What a beautiful application!  Looks like nothing I have used before.  The tweets seems to just appear and float on the screen.  Very original presentation. Decently easy to use.  All of the usual Twitter features.  I think though that the “etherealness” of the app distracts from me taking it seriously.

Currently I am evaluating a web based application called Brizzly.  It not only is a Twitter client, but also a front end for Facebook, which is pretty cool.  Although I tend to prefer stand alone apps as opposed to web based ones, Brizzly seems to be a pretty decent contender.  The Twitter side is great.  Single column setup.  Saved searches. Lists. Covers all the bases.  The Facebook side is pretty decent also. You can do just about everything you can on the actual FB site except play games.  For that it drops to your web browser.  It is a great app.  Dont know that it will be my everyday one but it is pretty nice.  Over all I’m still leaning  towards Tweet Deck, but I havent decided yet.  Check them out!



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