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This has been a bad week for water dwelling mammals.  First, at Seaworld, a killer whale named Tillikum allegedly attacked and kills it trainer.  Whats worse, is that it allegedly isnt the first time that this specific whale has killed a human!  A dog would be put down if it even nips someone and draws blood.  I guess killer whales have a 3 human minimum?  More likely Seaworld has some great attorneys.

Second [yes. I know this is a really bad segue.  Just work with me on this one.] I see there is a new update for my Dolphin [see? it kind of works] browser.  So being the geek that I am, I immediately download it, full of anticipatory excitement.  Imagine my immense disappointment when I attempted to run the app after the update.  I say “attempted” to run as I actually have YET to run the app because now it immediately force closes each and EVERY time I attempt to use it.

This really cheeses me off because up till now, I was totally in lust with Dolphin.  It worked beautifully.  It was fast, looked good, and did what I wanted it to do.  Was even planning on making a donation to the developer.  Now, not so much. I have no idea what the problem is.  It dosent give me an error.  It just refuses to open, going right to force close instantly.

So now I’m back to the Android browser.  Which is fine for now. I actually like the stock browser.  Sure its a little slower, and dosent have all the bells and whistles.  It just works.  Right now, thats whats important.

I’ll be evaluating other browsing alternatives probably early next week, as I am moving this weekend.  Till then… Ciao!


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  1. I love your writing! That was cute and funny. I agree completely about the Killer Whale, just had that convo this morning. Doesn’t make sense that they’re allowed to profit with a human life training something named KILLER now does it?

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