App Review: Bloo (Facebook App)

Let me preface this review by saying I am one of those people who is perfectly happy with the native Android Facebook app.  Other than lack of inbox access or chat, it fulfilled my needs just fine.  That being said…

[screenshot from]

I really like Bloo.  Visually it is much more appealing than the native.  It also has much more of the FB API available to it.  Things such as photo tagging and not having to drop to the browser to do things like access photos.  I love the Feed.  It’s almost identical to the News Feed in FB. Still no chat or creating inbox messages but thats a small concession in my book.  Events are listed separately.  When viewing an event you can get directions if you have GPS enabled!  Profiles look similar to how they look on a PC.  To be honest, my only fault with Bloo is its loading speed.  It seems to take an extraordinary time to load.  I’m currently testing to verify that its the app and not my Hero, so I’m not going to put the blame all on Bloo just yet.

So if you are a devoted FB user and want the best experience for your Android phone, I’d recommend Bloo.  Get it now!



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