App Review: TuneWiki

I have seen the glory, and it is TuneWiki!

This app may truly be the “end all” music application for me.  Like many of you, I was totally frustrated with the clunky, unintuitive music player app that came on my Hero.  I hated the way it handled playlists, it didn’t load album art half the time, and was just overall ugly. The only good thing about it was the widget tat showed the current selection and the “play” control in a nice little bar.  As a result, I rarely played any music on my Hero.  Instead, mostly defaulting to my Ipod Touch; meaning carrying 2 devices, and 2 sets of chargers.

The other day I saw several “Now playing…” tweets from a friend of mine.  Intrigued I followed one of the links and discovered TuneWiki!  It was way more than I expected.  Not only does it play my MP3s in a very smooth, and visually appealing manner; it also streams audio AND video!  Music vids come from YouTube (of course), internet radio comes via and SHOUTcast.  Both are very good music portals, with the nod to  TuneWiki is also available FREE from Android Market.

With TuneWiki installed, I really dont see the need for any other music app on my Hero, well other than Pandora.  Pandora is THE best music streaming site on the web hands down.  But we’ll talk about them later.  Get TuneWiki.  You’ll love it.



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  1. Does streaming radio work without wifi?? Mine does… iPhone

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