Review: WordPress for Android

One word: Nice!  Wordpress for Android is a very smooth, easy to use app even though it is still a beta.  Having used WordPress apps for both Blackberry and the iPhone, I can tell you that this version is very comparable.

[screenshot via]

The setup is decently intuitive.  I’d say if you’ve used any of the previous WP apps the learning curve is negligible.  Coming to it brand new, you should have the grasp of it by your first post.  It’s most similar to the iPhone app.  I’d say the iPhone version still has the edge in polish and ease of use, but the Android app is right there in a very close second.  One notable difference is the iPhone version uses “side swipes” to access actions, while the Android version uses “long presses”.   Swiping seems more intuitive to me, but that may just be due to my having used the iPhone app much longer on my iPod Touch.  I’m sure it is just a matter of getting used to the Android method.

Overall I give it an A-.  Good job!  WordPress for Android.


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