Anti Butter Fingers or The Quest for the Holy Case

I need a case for my Hero.  Well let me rephrase that.  I need a GOOD case.  See, currently I’m rocking a $20 mall kiosk special.  Don’t get me wrong, it looked good in the beginning.  And it does provide a degree of protection.

It has some cons.  First and foremost is that its a slippery bugger.  I suppose I should have given its use some more thought before the purchase, but when the guy popped it on my phone it look so good! That shiny, glistening almost liquid looking red!  Had to have it.  Well hindsight is a.. well you know what it is.  Its like holding a bar of soap.  Seriously, I picked it up one time and it squirted out of my hand across the room!  Luckily it landed on the couch.

The other issue is how it looks.  I said how gorgeous it was in the beginning.  Well it looks like hell now.  After a couple waist high drops to the parking lot (which it did a great job of protecting the phone), it now has numerous ugly SILVER scratches marring its paint job.  Yes I said silver.  Apparently the case was originally silver and then covered with a thin layer of red paint.  So its not the show-off piece it once was.

Hence my search for a replacement.  This time I’m doing the research!  First thing is I had to prioritize.  Most important to me is functionality, then looks, then protection.  I know protection is third but just about any case will give adequate protection so I’m not super concerned with that.  I currently am using a decent screen protector also, so I’m covered there.  This is what I’m considering:

Seidio Innocase II Surface Case

As you can see it is a very sleek, smooth, professional looking case.  It fits all my requirements.  Runs about $30, which I dont consider too much for a good case that should last the life of the phone.  I’ll keep you posted on what I decide.  I’m still looking, so if you have any suggestions send them to me!

If only it came in red…. lol


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