Oh Happy Day!

Good morning!  I love my Sundays.  Sunday has been my day of rest for as long as I can remember.  I’ve been blessed in the fact that I haven’t had to work on a Sunday for years.  Initially it was for religious reasons, but I must be honest and say that currently its more of a “me” thing than anything else.  I do see Sunday as the Sabbath and do honor it as such, but I haven’t been to church in way too long.

Sundays are for me a day in which I can do anything I want… or absolutely nothing.  I usually spend it curled up with a good book, or catching up on my web surfing, or if the weather is nice, you can find me in a park or on the beach with the dog, or maybe just taking a leisurely drive with my daughter enjoying the sights & sounds of west Michigan.  Whew.. that was a long sentence LOL

One thing that I’ve missed since returning to this town, is a good coffee shop.  When I was staying in Detroit, there was an awesome lil “internet cafe” on Woodward, just outside of downtown, called Bits & Bytes Cafe.  I’m not a huge coffee drinker, I just love the ambiance & congenial atmosphere of most coffee shops.  This one was excellent.  Good selection of drinks (both coffee based & non-coffee based).  Friendly engaging staff.  GREAT wifi connection that was FREE.  Free is awesome 🙂  To top it off, the food was great and cheap!

I spent many an hour there surfing the web and socializing with the “regulars”.  They also occasionally have live entertainment in the evenings.  The best IMO was the Open Mic nights when they had Spoken Word performers.  I even got on the mic a couple times 😉  That was a good summer….

I need to find a good spot like that locally.  So far the closest substitute is my favorite library branch [#mce_temp_url#].  It has nearly all of the aspects, an internal cafe which serves decent drinks and food.  Very comfortable, roomy laptop-centric layout and furniture. Great, FREE wifi.  The only real thing missing is the entertainment, and the social aspect.  Being a library, most folks dont talk much 🙂

I’m off to get a Choco-Mocha Latte!  Peace…


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