Ok.  Recently I was terminated from my job under shady circumstances.  Long story, I dont really want to go into it right not.  This is just background info for the rest of the post.  Anyway, my apartment was part of my compensation (i know, big mistake. live and learn right?) so now I have to vacate.  Sucks.  This is also just background info.

Today I received a Facebook message from someone, a realtor, who had visited my property ( i was a property manager) earlier last year as a prospective buyer.  She asked me to please contact her and she knew that I was no longer associated with that property.  Initially I was flatered that she took the effort to hunt me down on Facebook LOL Then I got over it and gave her a call.

Turns out she wanted some info about the property, that she felt she could trust from me as I was no longer bound by loyalty to my previous employer.  Which is true.  So I gave her the low down on the property.  Its a pretty nice investment piece.  She is very interested in it.  We had a pretty nice conversation.

After I filled her in, she ended the conversation by saying she was very impressed with my professionalism and she knew the day she met me I was an awesome property manager from my personality.  She also said she would put the word out that I was available.  Shes been a realtor for 25 years so she has a huge network!  Finally she said that “when” she purchased the property, if I was available she would hire me back as the property manager.  I was wowed by the praise.  I thanked her and expressed my appreciation for her comments and assistance.

That would be awesome if something came of that conversation.  If nothing else at least I know I was doing a good enough job to impress a 25 year veteran in the industry. 🙂



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