Android Love

Ok I stole that title from an awesome blog that I just discovered (check her out here 🙂

Thought I might kick off the blog with a post about my current passion, my Android phone!

Whats an Android phone you ask?  Well probably not but I’ll tell you anyway LOL  It’s a smartphone running the Android OS (operating system) by Google.  Android OS is a true multitasking OS (joining Windows Mobile, WebOS, Blackberry).  This is the main separation between Android phones and the IPhone.  The IPhone is so far really just an application launcher rather than a true OS.  Not that I’m knocking the IPhone; physically is is arguably the best built touch screen phone on the market.  And so far, Apple has the best Apps Store and apps.  Time will see if that continues.

Meanwhile, I decided to invest in the Android platform.  The item that caught my immediate attention is that it is Linux based.  Now I know you fellow computer heads know what that means.  Linux is HUGE.  And easy to develop.  As evidenced by the tremendous growth of Android applications so far.  Up to over 10,000 in the Apps Market to date!  The other fact that drew me in is that Apple cant control it!  As much as I love Apple products (most), I HATE the way they insist on controlling the way I use them!  I mean, who really likes ITunes?  It’s a resource hog and bloated.  I would love my ITouch so much more if I could get music from whatever source I desired.  But I digress, this isnt an Apple rant.  That will come later LOL

So I’ve had my SPrint HTC Hero for nearly a month.  I love it!  I’m all about customization and Android lets me do it to my hearts content.  Had an initial issue with bad battery life, but I found lots of fixes for it online (google it) and now its a non issue.  Still dont get as long as I did with my BlackBerry Curve (my previous phone) but its decent.  Hopefully the 2.1 update will fix that.  Currently running 1.5 btw.

My next decision is whether or not to Root. Here’s an excellent explanation of what Rooting is [] .  Right now I dont really see the need, but the geek in me wants to tinker LOL  I’ll update with what I decide.


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